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(Duration of the storage)
(Duration of the storage)
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===Duration of the storage===
===Duration of the storage===
Any information recorded is periodically cancelled on a rotating basis usually after 4 weeks.
Any information recorded is automatically cancelled on a rotating basis after 4 weeks.

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Information that is recorded

When you visit this site we log certain information about your visit, including your ip address, the pages served and information about your browser. No personally identifying information is logged.

Use of the information

The purpose of the logging is two fold:

  • to provide the service, for example by enabling checking of logs in case of errors or problems
  • to evaluate the use of the site by compiling statistics about number of visitors and the pages visited.

No information is ever sold or provided externally.

Duration of the storage

Any information recorded is automatically cancelled on a rotating basis after 4 weeks.


Cookies are used to a limited extent:

  • for the sole purpose of carrying out the the service and
  • are strictly necessary in order to provide the service.

Cookies are not used to track user behaviour.

The cookies used are:

  • __cfduid: this is stictly necessary for the CloudFlare service, see this page. The cookie has a duration of 1 year, but you may cancel it at any time.
  • voipsupport_session: used for the correct functioning of the Mediawiki software. The cookie has a duration limited to the length of the browsing session.

Location of data processing

The web server is located within the EU. No information is stored outside the EU. The site uses the CloudFlare service in order to improve performance and security. That means that some data will transit through an external server, usually nearer to your location.