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News: The VoipSupport site has been restyled. At the same time the contents have been reviewed, reorganized and updated.

The old site was managed with the PmWiki software which has been retired in favour of MediaWiki.

Apologies to those who have bookmarked links in the old site. A redirect has been set up to point to this page. Hopefully you will find the information you were looking for in the new site.

13 June 2016

This site is used to publish add-on software for the FreePBX / Asterisk platforms and for the Postfix email server. The site also includes documentation about the software, some howtos and various miscellaneous info I have found useful.

FreePBX / Asterisk




I am always interested to hear about people's experiences in using the software from this site. If you find issues or want to report a bug or request an enhancement, please email me.

Contact: email