Linux/LVM how to increase file system size by adding physical volume

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1. Scan for devices that can be used as physical volumes


2. Create physical volume

pvcreate /dev/sdd1

3. Display physical volume


4. Display logical volume group


5. Add a physical volume to a logical volume group

vgextend vg1 /dev/sdf1

6. Display all logical volumes


7. Display a specific logical volume

lvdisplay -v /dev/myvg/homevol

8. Extend logical volume by a set amount (e.g. 1GB)

lvextend -L+1G /dev/myvg/homevol

9. Extend logical volume to a set amount (e.g. 12GB)

lvextend -L12G /dev/myvg/homevol

10. Extend logical volume to fill all free space on logical volume group

lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/myvg/homevol

11. Resize the underlying ext4 file system to the maximum of the new logical volume

resize2fs /dev/myvg/homevol